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Jun 2013

A Search for Methane in the super-Earth GJ 1214b

Lately I’ve been busy working on a project which involves studying the atmosphere of the super-Earth GJ 1214b, which is currently the …

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Nov 2012

How to study an exoplanet atmosphere

There are a few techniques we can use to study the atmosphere of an exoplanet. One of these techniques is called transmission spectroscopy, which …

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Oct 2012

The exoplanet next door

What great news! The star system closest to us, the Alpha Centauri System, has an exoplanet orbiting one of it’s stars. The …

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Oct 2012

The potential of Exoplanet WASP-54b

Three new sub-Jupiter mass exoplanets were announced today on astro-ph by the SuperWASP team. You can find the paper here. What I …

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Sep 2012

Future exoplanet surveys

The discovery rate of exoplanets has been nothing short of amazing. Back in 2000 the number of confirmed exoplanets numbered 19, whilst …

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