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Paul Anthony Wilson

I am a Norwegian / British astronomer who works on a variety of astrophysical topics mainly focused on exoplanet atmospheres, radial velocity followup and more recently understanding the formation environments of young planets. I also work on the chemistry of exocomets.

A real problem in the space situational awareness community, is the lack of a shared validated catalogue of known space debris. This …


High resolution up-to-date images of the PLATO exoplanet mission are hard to find. I’ll collect high resolution PLATO images here as …


Our new paper is out today on the first detection of nitrogen in the famous planetary system: β Pictoris. The debris …

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One of the key scientific goals of PLATO is to detect terrestrial exoplanets in the habitable zone (HZ) of solar-type stars …

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The PLATO mission will monitor the brightness variations of more than 200,000 stars to look for planets which transit their host …

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Credit: T. Pyle (SSC), JPL-Caltech, NASA.

This summer will be the first time that we’ll be able to observe the Hill sphere of a directly imaged exoplanet …

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I came across this image whilst doing some work and it made me halt my work for a bit as I …

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Have your gmail hacked and it’s very likely that you’ll also loose access to your other accounts as well. Your PayPal, Facebook and …

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Neil deGrasse Tyson and Paul Anthony Wilson

Today I got the unique opportunity to meet Neil deGrasse Tyson at my new job at the Institut d’Astrophysique in Paris. By …

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The HARPS Spectrograph

The dwelling of the HARPS intrument One of today’s highlights was seeing the room where the HARPS instrument is being kept. For it be …

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Clear to cloudy hot Jupiters


Apr 2011

How to decide on which exoplanet candidates to observe

Posted by Paul Anthony Wilson

Here I will go through the steps I use when deciding on which exoplanet to observe using an amateur telescope. Step 1: …