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How to install Lightroom 3.6 in Ubuntu 12.04 (using Wine)

After having recently purchased a new digital camera I was keen on using lightroom in Ubuntu. This is what did to get Lightroom 3.6 working under Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. I am not entirely sure all the steps are necessary, this is simply what worked for me.

Make sure you have wine and winetricks installed on your ubuntu machine. Download your hopefully legal version of Lightroom and install the software using a terminal window:

wine Install\ Lightroom\ 3.exe

Install the compatible fonts:
winetricks corefonts tahoma

Then finally
winetricks gdiplus

I tried a lot of things and thus am not sure what exactly sealed the deal and made it work in the end. If the above didn’t work you could also try moving over the sRBG.icc colour profile so that wine can find it:

sudo apt-get install imagemagick-common
cd /etc/ImageMagick
sudo cp sRGB.icm /home/user
sudo chown user:user sRGB.icm #### change user with your username
cp sRGB.icm /home/user/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32/spool/drivers/color/srgb

9 comments on “How to install Lightroom 3.6 in Ubuntu 12.04 (using Wine)”

  1. Kiki

    Thanks, It works fine !

  2. Kiki

    I just want to add that adding winetricks comctl32
    would be better

  3. Masen

    Hi, I have some problems. Install routine works fine, but working with lightroom is not possible. Lightroom is very very slow. There is no crash, but there are many graphic failures. What could be wrong?
    I have ubuntu 12.04, ATI HD 6850 , Intel Core to Quad Q9300, 8 GB ram.

  4. Paul Anthony Wilson

    If you installed the dependancies highlighted in my post above but it still it does not work I don’t know what the problem is. You might be able to find an answer to your question on this forum: http://askubuntu.com/

  5. Mike

    Thanks for the guide. I was able to install Lightroom without problems. It runs fine except for the fact that it does not recognize the tiff photo formats. Jpg opens fine but I get blank box for the tiffs. Any clues? Thx.

    • Paul Anthony Wilson

      I have not run into this problem. A workaround might be to convert the TIFFs to DNG files and use them.


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