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Have your gmail hacked and it’s very likely that you’ll also loose access to your other accounts as well. Your PayPal, Facebook and Twitter could all be reset within minutes locking you out and making  reclaiming them an absolute nightmare. To avoid this, I enabled the second factor authentication on my gmail account. Since then I’ve learnt that there is an even a more secure way to stop those up-to-no-good-hackers: The …

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Neil deGrasse Tyson and Paul Anthony Wilson

Today I got the unique opportunity to meet Neil deGrasse Tyson at my new job at the Institut d’Astrophysique in Paris. By chance I saw him outside my office window so naturally I felt the urge to go down and say hello. He was being given a tour of the Observatory in Paris, and since I have also not seen the observatory, I asked to join the group which was …

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The HARPS Spectrograph

The dwelling of the HARPS intrument One of today’s highlights was seeing the room where the HARPS instrument is being kept. For it be able to achieve accurate radial velocity measurements the instrument has be kept at a constant temperature and pressure. I was fortunate to be shown the room where the instrument is kept locked inside a carefully monitored subroom. Due to us humans emitting heat, the visit had to be rather quick and we …

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Clear to cloudy hot Jupiters

Here I will go through the steps I use when deciding on which exoplanet to observe using an amateur telescope. Step 1: Find objects which are bright enough. Go to the and from the drop down menu on the upper left choose transit planets. Then press the big plus button (+) on the right and choose V mag under stellar params. You can move this table header next to …

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